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Photo Gallery:
The New York City Skyline,
and the Gaping Hole


The NYC Skyline from the Villiage This is a view from the top of my building, at 8th Avenue and 12th Street.  Although it is not as visible in this photo, I could see the cloud of smoke and debris rising from the site...
THe NYC skyline from Greenwich Villiage Another view from the roof.  I could smell the destruction all the way from here.  It was Friday evening, and the normally crowded streets were virtually empty as far as the eye could see.
View from Staten Island Ferry Here's a shot of Manhattan taken from the back of the Staten Island Ferry.  Notice the gaping hole in the left side of the skyline.  That is where the Word Trade Center used to be...
The Tip of Manhatten Another view from the Ferry.  This is a view of the tip New York City from the south.
Miss Liberty is still standing strong! Nice to see Miss Liberty still standing strong!  Notice the police boat circling her, though.  The total lack of people reflect that she's still closed.  A lot of NY is still closed, and Guilliani has revoked all permits for outdoor events through October 22...

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