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September 11, 2001 Tragedy
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Photo Gallery:
The Memorial at "The Arch",
Washington Square Park,
Greenwich Village, NY


The Arch at Washington Square Park has been designated as "the main spot" for memorials to the 9/11 Tragedy.  Items commemorating the missing, the wounded, and the dead have been adhered to all four sides of the fence surrounding the arch.  Thousands of candles have been laid at the base of the fence, on the sidewalk.  Pleas to help find missing loved ones abound, as do notes of thanks and of prayer.  The atmosphere at the arch is very solemn.

I was born at NYU Hospital, merely a few blocks from the arch.  I spent my days as a baby seeing the park from my stroller.  The Square is normally full of energy and life; this day it was full of tears and prayer.  The people of NYC are in mourning, and you can feel the pain hanging in the atmosphere, echoing the thick cloud of smoke and dust that hangs over the City, and can be felt as far north as Washington Square.

Visiting the memorial is an experience that I shall never forget.  I, too, shed tears for my lost brothers and gave thanks to all of the heroes that are trying to put The City back together.

New York is in mourning.  And that mourning can be felt at Washington Square Park.  As you view these photos, please ask whatever powers you believe in to help give New York the strength to heal itself...



The Arch The Arch, Shot 2 Approaching from the front
Close-up of the lower fence Lots of candles... Closer shot
Please to help find loved ones Candles & Mementos Candles, some burning
More memorials To the children lost in the WTC day care center Tributes to those lost
A banner, expressing lots of folks' thoughts A view through the arch Through the arch again
A flag-themed  memorial This teddy touched me... The Arch proudly wears the flag


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