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Salt & Pepper Shakers:
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Visit the Salt & Pepper Shaker Gallery
Pink Mokume Gane Salt & Pepper Shakers

Laurel veneers glass Salt and Pepper Shakers with artistic polymer clay designs.  The design goes all the way through the clay, so it will not wear away with daily use (unlike many of the "popular" hand-painted shakers available in gift shops today.)  Salt and Pepper Shakers come in a variety of sizes and patterns; (please see the gallery for representative samples.)  These shakers retail for $20 to $30 at Art Shows and Craft Fairs.

Please read our Wholesale Terms before placing an order.

Wholesale Lot #1
10 Assorted Pairs of Salt & Pepper Shakers

Retail Value: $250
Wholesale Lot Price: $125
Deposit: $75


Wholesale Lot #2
10 Pairs of Mokume Gane Salt & Pepper Shakers

Retail Value: $300
Wholesale Lot Price: $150
Deposit: $75

Salt & Pepper Shaker Gallery

Wholesale Terms

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Member, National Polymer Clay Guild

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